Bridget Bazunu Ministries

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You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32)

Building Lives, Families, and Communities for over 20 years.

Building lives, Familes, and Communities for over 20yrs.


 Bridget Bazunu’s vision is to see the power, character, glory, and “kingdom of God” reflect in personal lives, marriages, interpersonal relationships, churches, marketplaces, communities, and humanity.


Daily, the “Cry of the Spirit” echoes loudly in Bridget Bazunu’s heart. Like a wildfire, the call of God burns deeply in her soul. Anointed of God, she oversees a thriving revival ministry that propagates the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a biblical counselor, dynamic conference speaker, author of three transformational books, and purpose-driven minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years.

The need for a new spiritual awakening and her great burden for revival reverberates in her heart. Humanity must come into divine alignment with the perfect will of God in order to be whole. Bridget is on a mission to use her ministry to stir up spiritual hunger, bring deliverance to the captives, and kindle the fire of revival in our homes, churches, communities, marketplaces, and the nations through the power of the Holy Spirit. She continues to raise a new breed of faith-driven and spiritually minded believers who will dare live supernaturally, maximize their calling, and manifest the fullness of God.

Bridget Bazunu continues to collaborate with Pastors and Ministers to organize community outreaches, crusades, conferences, workshops, missions, plant thriving churches, and develop wholesome parishioners.
Bridget’s weekly virtual empowerment sessions are engaging and refreshing. She has been married to her beloved husband, Anthony, for 38 years and are blessed with amazing children.

Many glean from the wisdom Bridget garnered from valuable life experiences, Rhema revelations, thirty-eight years of marriage, and extensive years of counseling and ministry.  Encounter God in new dimensions, enlarge your capacity, accelerate to new heights, and impact your generation.