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Government Certified Pre-Marital Course



Welcome To Government Certified Premarital Course

Dear prospective bride and groom,
Congratulations on your decision to “do life” with the one you love. What a tremendous blessing! You have embraced the chance to ignite the fire of love. Get the tools to fan the hot coals to keep the passion ablaze. Keeps the flame burning so you both can explore the untapped potentials of your relationship. Come away to “The Birthing Place” where dreams and relationships are born.


 Experience a relationship encounter designed to help you build the marriage of your dreams. Whether you are getting married in a few days, weeks or months, you will discover creative ideas and practical solutions that will catapult your relationship to the next level.

This is not just another premarital coaching. The teachings are Rhema revelations from the Holy Spirit, valuable life lessons, feasible encounters, wisdom garnered through my own twenty-five plus marriage experiences and extensive years of counseling. They are stimulating, confronting, engaging, and revitalizing.

What is the vision for your marriage?

A marriage without a vision is like a journey without a destination. A relationship without a destination is susceptible to distractions, wrong detours, demonic exploitation, and divorce.
Take a minute and examine your own relationship:

What is the vision for your relationship?
What are your nuptial aspirations and how will you achieve them?
You and your mate are about to under take an adventurous voyage of a lifetime. Definitely, you will need a manual to define, harmonize, and balance the marriage; a relationship compass to steer you in the right direction; and a life vest to protect your relationship from plummeting in divorce court as you navigate this venturesome journey. The government premarital course will give you the tools to set sail, avoid wrong detours, skillfully ride the waves, rise above marital storms, and provide you with the life vest to embark on this adventurous expedition.
If you desire a “storm”,  “fire”, and “divorce” proof marriage; the premarital boot camp training is the ideal place to get the nuptial paraphernalia needed to achieve your goals. I invite you to fasten your seat belt and get anchored in a position to enjoy this unpredictable but exhilarating escapade of a lifetime.

 Curriculum Standards: This program meets the Government approved premarital course curriculum standards under Chapter 741 of the Florida Statutes. The premarital preparation course includes instruction regarding:

 Conflict Management

 Communication Skills

 Financial Responsibilities

 Children and Parenting Responsibilities 

 Certificate of Completion: After the successful completion of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion. Present this certificate to the county court clerk and obtain  a discount for your marriage license.

 Evaluations: Each participant is required to fill out an evaluation form at the conclusion of the course. Please take a minute to fill out an evaluation form to help us serve you better.

 Exercises: Each premarital course has some hands-on interactive exercises that are loaded with fun activities designed to rejuvenate your relationship.
These hands-on exercises give couples the privilege to explore new horizons, mirror each other's soul and unveil the sobering reality of each others' inner yearnings for unconditional love and acceptance. They are down to earth “workouts” designed to help couples discover the treasures in each other, deal with incompatibility issues, harmonize differences, and deal with other relationship challenges. The “Reconciliation Altar” exercise is sobering, awe-inspiring, and a must for every couple that desires to build a fruit bearing marriage. It is a “relationship tune up clinic” and workshop projected to help couples discern, confront, and resolve defying relational issues face to face in a caring and Christ-like manner. Couples are inspired to recharge their relationship batteries, prioritize, and focus on strength, not on the weaknesses of the relationship.