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 Equipping, building, strategizing, and positioning for the next level…

Remember the use it or lose it principle? What happens when we do not exercise our minds or brains?  Among many other things, we become dull, slow, and forgetful.

When last did you learn a new subject or hobby?
Have you recently explored new interests?
Have you tried what you haven’t done but have always wanted to do?

Are you itching to rise to your potentials; longing to enhance your abilities; craving to fulfill your divine destiny; desiring a fresh experience with God; yearning to be spiritually tough, rugged, and ruthless so you can jump through the hurdles of life? Well, here is your opportunity! The LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER is the place to quench your thirst.

The LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER is a faith-based institution of learning designed to inform and empower people with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize their fullest potentials. We offer a wide array of personal improvement courses carefully crafted to educate, inspire, challenge, and enrich the whole person body, mind, and spirit.

Our hands-on power-packed presentations will furnish you with wealth of information aimed to impact your life. Regardless of your age or achievements, you are guaranteed to obtain useful insight you can use. Everyone benefits from our high quality informative programs.

Regardless of great accomplishments, humans at their peak or minimum performance are always on the verge of new discoveries, amazing experiences, and new possibilities as they unravel the various mysteries of life. Often, we are unwilling to expand our horizons, delve into the unknown, or dare to reach for the stars only because we love our comfort zone. However, despite individual accomplishments, there are additional things to be explored, treasures of life to be discovered, and multitudinous blessings to be thankful for.

God designed human beings to grow. Regardless of one’s educational or social status, there is always ample room for personal growth. When we stop learning, we are susceptible to degenerating mentally, socially, spiritually, or sometimes even physically.

There is always a quest in the human spirit to become more than we presently are and a yearning for personal improvement. We experience a nagging feeling of discontentment, restlessness, unfruitfulness, and unfulfillment deep within us when:
We are living below our potentials;
We are not using our gifts and talents to make the world a better place;
We are living below God’s standards;
We are not living out our dreams or functioning in our calling.

What we do with this inner yearning or hunger makes or breaks us. It makes all the difference in our lives. This restlessness in our inner being drives us to either make wrong choices that are detrimental to our well-being or improve our selves to better our lives. Consistent learning calms the nervousness of human insatiability. This inner burden not only moves us beyond our level of comfort, but it dares us to make the necessary sacrifices that propel us to where God wants us to be.

If you are serious about undertaking a venturesome journey of new discoveries, come on board, tighten your seatbelt, and enjoy this exhilarating escapade that will enhance, inspire, and transform your life forever.
THE LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER is a launching pad designed to thrust you to your "next level".


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