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Inspirations by Bridget


(A love letter from the Lord to all who struggle with self love, identity, and significance.)
In My image and likeness I framed you.
Before you were born, I predestined you.
I critically molded you an original.
Then released you into existence to fulfill My purpose.
You are My representation on Earth.
You are the apple of My eye.
The pearl of great price.
When you loathe yourself, you belittle My image and likeness in you.
When you disregard yourself, you grieve Me.
Do not devalue what I have called “good.”
I paid an exorbitant price to create you.
I risked too much to redeem you.
My invisible presence in you is valuable.
Labor no more to acquire love;
I love you.
Crave no more for approval;
I affirm you.
Seek no more for love outside yourself;
I AM love embedded in you.
Discern Me in the depth of your being.
Inhale life!
Rest in My peace!
Bask in My joy!
Settle in My love!
Do not strive for what you already have.
“I AM” your self-value.
I cannot be diminished or multiplied.
“I AM” cemented in you.
“I AM” joy in you.
“I AM” whole in you, whether you are holy or a heathen, wealthy or destitute, on the highest mountain or in the lowest valley.
If you can't sense My presence, it's because your sins, stubbornness and ignorance have numbed you.
Look within and behold Me in your consciousness.
I've always been there all this time.
I AM God.
Recognize “I AM” in you.
Appreciate your uniqueness because “I AM” in you.
Accept My wholeness in you,
Because “I AM” inside you,
You are worthy.
(An excerpt from the book "Please, Love Me Or I Die" - The Pursuit of Love and Significance, by Bridget Bazunu) Copyright: Bridget Bazunu. Articles may be reproduced in any medium, without applying for permission (provided they are unedited, and retain the original author/copyright information - and a reference to this website)


To Every Life's Puzzle, there is always a Solution.
Each Dilemma we Encounter gives us the Fortuity to rise to our Potentials. 
Problems are not meant to harass, intimidate, frustrate, or debilitate us.
They are only Designed to mature and stretch us beyond our level of comfort.
Envisage Problems as Opportunities to Enlarge your Faith and Capacity.
View Obstacles as Stepping-Stones to your breakthroughs.
Overcoming Temptations and Passing "Life's Tests" Graduate us to the Next Level...
Hope in Countless Possibilities...
Dream Big...
Dare to Say what others are Afraid to Say,
Do what others are Unwilling to Do,
Go where no one will Go...
Tread on Unfamiliar Territories

Daily Seize the Moment...
You are on the
Verge of Amazing Dscoveries...
With each new discovery, Tranform your own World...
 Leave your Dent in History...


Fear is a mocker, a thief of joy, and a crusher of dreams.
The devil uses fear as a potent arsenal to: 
Isolate... barricade us in a mental prison, 
Keep one on a survival mode,
Exploit our vulnerability,
Steal our focus,
Sabotage our creativity,
Stall our productivity,
Cripple us on a survival mode,
"Mark time" on the treadmill of procastination,
Drain our obedience to keep us bound in the wilderness.
Fear dreads us knowing how powerless and vain it really is.
For that which we fear is even more afraid of us.
Fear knows that "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me; He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world..."
But do we really believe this truth?
Fear knows whether you have a "head" or "heart" knowledge of this truth. Hence it craftily picks on those who are ignorant of truth.
For if fear cannot stop time from inching away, the birds from singing, the flowers from blooming, and the heavens and the earth from declaring the glory of God,
Not even fear can make "Time" come to a standstill.
With all the anxieties in the world, time still ticks steadily.
If you really trust in your God,
Dance to the drum beat of each tick.
March on ... 
Regardless of your circumstances, time waits for no one.
"Bridget, but you do not understand, I am on the verge of a nervous break down" "The joy of the Lord is you strength." Step on.
 "I just got laid off" You must be due for a promotion. You have to push harder now.
"I am a failure." "Is there any one that has never failed. Press on.
"I just can't forgive myself." If you have repented, then you are calling God a liar. Step ahead
"I am broken hearted and depressed." Jesus mends broken hearts. Go forward.
"I have an impossible situation." God specializes in impossible situations. March to the beat of time.
"My marriage is beyond repair." Jesus fixes relationships too. Step.
"I feel rejected." Jesus was also rejected but He never used it as a crutch to dock His Assignment. Press!  
"I feel lonely and isolated." Look deep within; the God of the whole universe resides in you. Move to the temple of time.
"I can't cope with my illness." "I AM the Lord that healeth thee" Brace yourself for your miracle. Step to the beat of time!.
" I can't find a mate. " Seek the Lord more than you do a mate and He will send you one when you least expect it. Forge on. Go forward!
"How can I cope without my mate?" God is still in control. Step to the throb of time and march!. 
"I can't handle my children  anymore"  They are God's children too. Entrust them in His hands. Feel the pulse of time. March on in obedience.
"I hate being a single parent" The Lord understands. Time is fast palpating. March.
"How can I start all over when I have lost everything?" With God, you have more than enough to start all over. Forge ahead. Move to the rhythm of time.
On days you cannot run, walk.
When you cannot walk, then crawl.
If you cannot crawl, then wigggle your hands and feet by faith to defy fear.
Dance to the beat of time until you build up the spiritual stamina to gain the momentum to walk and run again.
Never be stationary feeling sorry for yourself.
NO! Never mark time waiting for the devil to repent or for the sky to line up in orbit to prompt you to move.
Always maintain the press... Forge ahead...
Place one foot forward,
Pull the other one ahead,
March on in obedience,
For the devil can never hit a moving target!
Tread slowly but in a steady pace...
With dreams in your belly and destiny in your hands.
With each step, leave a trail of legacy. 
Neither gaze back. 

Nor dread the future.
Thy maker is there....
Waiting with open arms...
To celebrate your arrival.


The good thing about being in the "valley" is, it can be the birth of a new beginning...
The sad thing about being on the "mountain top" is, we can become too comfortable with the status quo.
Whether we are in the "valley"  or on the "mountain top", we are always on the brink of something greater than ourselves.
We can either embrace "movement" or hug "stagnancy" regardless of where we are.
What is your choice?
Movement is a validation of HUMILITY and OBEDIENCE.
Stagnancy is an affirmation of PRIDE and DISOBEDIENCE.
With humility, we can always WORK our way up there...
With pride, eventually, we will have to WALK our way down...
I'd rather be at the bottom so I can rise to my potentials than be at my best and vegetate or wane.
I'd rather be in the valley so I can work my way up with truth than be on the mountain top and feel that I have arrived...  
For it is far better to work your way up from the bottom than walk your way down from the top.
Humans are constantly metamorphosizing.
Resisting change stunts growth.
Are you in the "valley" or on the "mountain top" today?
Grab the opportunity!
You are at the brink of new discoveries.

The best thing in life is "crucifying the self" to lose the whole world.
The worst thing in life is "appeasing the self" to gain the whole world.
If you lose the whole world now, eventually, you will gain everything for eternity.
If you gain the whole world now, eventually, you will lose everything for eternity.
If you "live to die", you will live to gain the whole world but die in vain.
"Die to live", impact your generation and leave a legacy.
The only way to live is to be a grain of seed and die... in order to live.
I'd rather become a seed and go through the death process so I may live and bear fruits that will heal my world  than live a life without purpose...
Die to live so you may transform your own world...
"Die to self"  in order to live for Christ.
"Mortify the deeds of the flesh" to advocate the will of God.
"Crucify the flesh" to advance the kingdom of God.
"Buffet the flesh" to become a master to sin.
"Pluck out.. Cast off... Cut off..." all that which will entrap you in bondage.
Deny thyself of any pleasure that may temporary gratify your flesh but prick your conscience and destiny. 
Live to please God, not your flesh.
And you will enjoy life to the fullest.
Like the great prophet, John the Baptist said, "HE MUST INCREASE and the "I" must decrease"