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You are not an ape or the product of evolution with some unknown and conflicting genealogy.
You were created in the semblance of the Most High God
You have God's DNA embedded in your life. 
You were born with VISION and PURPOSE cemented in your being.
You were born to solve problems.
You are here on ASSIGNMENT.

Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you.(Jeremiah 1:5a)

Finally, a Christian teen program designed to inspire and challenge teens to develop their gifts and talents, live by a righteous standard, demonstrate leadership skills, rise above mediocrity, move beyond the status quo, maximize their potentials, and impact their own world.

Why Join Changing "MY WORLD" Meet-Up?

Hang out with other teens: Join other teens for a time of fun and relaxation. Meet new people and make new friends. Enjoy a wide variety of engaging, fun activities with  other teens such as indoor and outdoor activities and much more. You do not have to worry about your background or being left out because you will fit right in.

Connect with teens like you: Connect with other teens and share your ideas. Get useful information that will impart your life.

Inspire others and exercise your gifts: We all are at different levels and seasons in our lives. Every teen is important, unique, and has a wealth of ideas and experiences that will inspire others. Share your wisdom, your own life experiences, and impart truth that has empowered and sustained your own life and family. Encourage others to allow God's transforming power to intervene in their own circumstances. Challenge them to begin to see their problems as opportunities, obstacles in their lives as stepping stones to their dreams. Inspire others with hope, persistence, and faith to live beyond life challenges. No one person can succeed at what God has called him or her to do without the help of others. We all need each other and are here for each other.

Share others' burdens or let others bare yours:  One of the ways that the devil exploits teens is to isolate them and make them feel that they are all alone in their struggles or that they are the only ones wrestling with different kinds of challenges in the whole world. But the truth is they are not. There are many other teens with similar challenges. If the devil can isolate us, he can lure us into barricading ourselves in an emotional prison. When we are trapped in that lonely place, we begin to war with ourselves, instead of warring against him. He paralyzes us with fear and lures us to dwell on unhealthy thoughts that would incite wrong choices. The time and energy that should have been invested in seeking God and pursuing our dreams will now be diverted to fending off rejection, loneliness, and striving to maintain our sanity. All teens, struggle with peer pressure, feelings of low self -esteem, rejection, disapointments, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and tons of other issues just like their parents.  You are not alone! You do not have to go through your own struggles alone! There are others who love and care about you and your future and are willing to give you all the support and encouragement that you need. We are like family; we genuinely care about each other and bare each other's burdens. When one hurts, the others hurt. When one teen rejoices, the others rejoice as well. Sometimes, it feels so much better when others reassure us that they will be there for us when we walk through the process of growth, healing, and restoration.


Receive Counsel and Mentoring.

Studies show that teens who submit to counseling, mentoring, or support groups are susceptible to improving their lives, overcoming various forms of peer pressure, addictions, and other self-defeating habits as well. The word of God advises us to get wise counsel from others who have gone through various trails and have been courageous enough to triumph over adversities. Godly counsel not only moves us from where we are to where God desires us to be, but it also shortens the distance in which we have to travel to reach our goals.

Enjoy a Safe Harbor:  Changing "MY WORLD" Teen Meet-Up is a safe harbor for teens to be vulnerable and open without any fear of rejection, humiliation, or condemnation. We are a non-judgmental harbor where teens can learn while they relax, have fun, and be themselves.

Get Useful Information and Resources: Cultivate the skills to build your life on a solid foundation, develop social and problem solving skills, reinforce spiritual values, learn to prioritize, establish healthy boundaries, discover healthy choices, learn flexibility, set realistic goals, develop a positive attitude, embrace courage, master leadership skills, build healthy relationships, energize your faith, curdle around hope, recreate your own world, balance it all out and develop the spiritual stamina to outlast the various storms of life.  There is no book in the whole wide world that is as resourceful, nurturing, and powerful as the Bible. At Changing "MY WORLD" Teen Meet-Up, we feed on the Living Word of God to get the tools needed to rise to our potentials. Also, we have a wide selection of useful resources available.

Enlist in an Army of Prayer Warriors: One of our primary focus is prayer. Prayer is an important factor in our daily lives. We pray to a loving, caring and well-able God who answers prayers. "The prayer of a righteous person avails much" We do not "dabble" into prayer or just pray for the sake of praying. We expect results when we pray because we believe in the power of prayer. We believe in targeting our weapons of prayers to pull down strongholds of the enemy, remove obstacles hindering us, and declare that the purposes of God in our lives will prevail. We utilize the power of prayer to bring about God's wisdom, protection, guidance, and intervention in our lives, families, and in every aspect of our undertakings.

Grow in Body, Mind, and Spirit: Only God is perfect in character, nature, power, love, truth, morality, - in every way, shape, and form, and all that there is. We are not. Humans are always in the process of transformation and discovery. God does not have to change anything about Himself. We have to change and do whatever is necessary to conform to His nature.  We believe that teens at their peak or valley are always at the verge of something greater than themselves. We stop growing only when we think we have arrived. Our lives fall apart when we think we have no room for growth. When we stop developing, we are susceptible to degenerating spiritually, mentally, or even physically. Therefore, wherever we are, whether on the highest mountain or in the lowest valley in our lives, we need to explore new horizons and other possibilities that are available to us. Each new discovery will move us to the next level.

Teens of all backgrounds and denominations are welcome. Active involvement in one-way or another is encouraged.

Counseling, support, prayers, and other resources.