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Purpose-Driven Parents Movement


Living a godly standard...

Raising a righteous paradigm of truth, character, morality, and prayer for our children...

Fighting back with truth...

To see the glory of God manifested in our lives, children, and families. Yes, we shall not rest until we see the character of God reflected in their lives.

Provide Information; Fellowship; Impartation; Relationship; Resources; Mentoring; Networking; and Inspiration for parents and their families.

Counseling, support, prayers, and other resources..
You are already blessed for sowing your time, love, compassion, and other recourses into the lives of children. "It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Please, call or email us for current dates, times, and venue of monthly meetings.

What is the Purpose-Driven Parents?
The Purpose-Driven Parents are dads, moms, grandparents, step dads and moms, foster parents, care givers, children’s advocates and all those who have a great sense of divine responsibility to children and a great burden to see the glory, power, and character of God manifested in them. We have a divine contractual obligation to raise our children with a godly standard; teach them how to develop a healthy self-concept; have integrity, manage their emotions, handle the unfair, the unexpected, the unfamiliar; make the necessary adjustment when needed; make right choices; prioritize; establish realistic and attainable goals; develop leadership skills; cultivate social skills; establish healthy boundaries; avoid alcohol and drug usage; be good stewards of their money; unconditionally love and accept themselves;  handle peer pressure; confront issues that may trigger negative emotions; deal with their vulnerability;  prepare for married life commit to a cause that is greater than themselves; maximize their potential, solve problems for humanity, and make a difference in their generation.
Yes, we are purpose-bound and purpose-driven to train, nurture, nourish, admonish, discipline, coach, educate, and guide our children in righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness (1 Timothy 6:11).

God's will, purpose, and counsel for our lives and children's are the driving force of our lives.

The Ministry of Parenting
Parenting is a sacred ministry and a calling. Parenting requires special skills and Christ-like virtures. Parenting is not a 9-5 job but a 24/7 365 day responsibility. There is no break or vacation from parenting even for parents that have adult children. The responsibilities may not be as demanding as it is for those who have younger children. Nevertheless, even older parents still worry about their adult children.
Whether our children are four months, four years or forty years old, we are spiritually obliged to love, accept, encourage, and pray for them. Unconditional love and support for our children should never waver regardless of whether we are parents of infants, toddlers, adolescents or adult children.

Parental Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations
Parental roles are divine assignments, responsibilities, or job descriptions of a father and mother established by God. Parental roles are commandments of God, not suggestions. It is the responsibility of parents to study these roles and implement them.

We cannot expect a child to bring up himself or delegate the responsibility of bringing up the child to another person. God gave us this divine task to raise them ourselves. We are accountable to God for our children. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates (Deut. 6:6-9). 

The word of God says that parents must be able to manage their family and see that their children obey them (1 Timothy 3:4). Why? If children obey and honor their parents they are susceptible to honoring others as well. Unresolved issues in our homes produce the mammoth ills in our society. When children are allowed to be rude, uncaring, intolerant, or self-centered without applying corrective discipline, it will be no surprise if they stir up all kind of problems in the society. This is why healing must begin in our homes so it can extend to our communities. 

The devil is doing cartwheels on children and families
The devil has exploited our children and families with ignorance. Why? He knows that if he can keep us ignorant, he does not have to worry about truth liberating us. He has weakened the family with lies and deception because he understands that the only way to deform a society is to start from the grassroot. The family is the grassroot of the community or society.  The community is a reflection of the family. When you weaken the family, you weaken the community. Conversely, strengthen the family and you will strengthen the community. Heal and restore the family and watch restoration sweep across our families and communities.
This is why it is so imperative that we must begin to make the necessary changes to heal and strengthen our families so it will to impart our communities as well

Importance of Parental Responsibility
 There is a clarion call for parents to function in their roles.
Societal lack of decorum is on the rise because the walls of the family have been torn down. Broken homes and distressed families are skyrocketing! Juvenile delinquency and moral laxity are tearing our families and communities apart. We can either pass the buck and do nothing about it or accept some responsibility and begin to make a difference. We cannot transform the whole world. But we can begin with ourselves, our children, our homes.

The need to function in parental roles cannot be over emphasized. God is calling the parents to step up to the plate and take their rightful place so the family can become whole. It is time to rebuild the broken walls of the family. Parents have a pivotal role to play in His plan.  Parents can make a tremendous difference because they can impart the grassroots. God is depending on parents to bring up children that will maximize their potentials, solve problems for humanity, and make a difference in their generation.

When parents begin to take personal responsibility and execute their roles, they will revolutionize the family, strengthen relationships with their children, and bring healing to their homes and communities. God has given parents this great burden to strengthen the family. If we desire to heal and restore the society, we need to go back to the root—the family.

Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?
We can pout and complain all we want about the alarming rate of domestic violence, gangs,  substance abuse, teen violence, juvenile delinquency, moral laxity, peer pressure, teen suicide, bullying,  teen pregnancy, abortion, sexual perversion, pornography among our children. But nothing will ever change until we do something about it. The sad part is as long as we tolerate all that the enemy is using against them, we are a part of the problem and are aiding and abetting him as well.

What is Your Cause as a Parent?
Are you satiated with what substance abuse is doing to our children to compel you to blow the trumpet and join others to stop this great societal pandemic?

How much does it break your heart to hear of the escalating rate of murder among our youths? 

How much does it grieve you to see future leaders, inventors, engineers, children with lots of potentials go down the drain?

Are we sickened by how sexual perversion is impairing our children?

Will the alarming rate of children wastimg their lives in prison provoke us to pray fervently?

Is the rising rate of teen violence enough to disgust and prompt you to say,” Enough!?

 Do juvenile delinquency and moral laxity bother you enough to make you cry out to God to save and heal our children?

Are the horrors of peer pressure among the younger generation distressing enough to let holy anger rise up in you?

 Have the horrors of alcohol and drug addiction satiated us enough to prompt us to miss a meal and fast for the children?

Will the social stigma of teen suicide and teen pregnancy provoke you to push back forces of darkness that are trying to invade our children?

Are you appalled by bullying, gangs, teen abortion, pornography and other social ills? Will  they incite you to cry out to God to deliver and rescue our children?

How many more children will have to run away from home, be abused, bullied, seduced by drugs, enticed by alcohol, cajoled by sexual pervertion, lured into the occult, drawn away from truth, charmed into prostitution, trapped in demonic bondage, waste their potentials or die untimely death to prompt us to fight back on our kneels?

Our excuse may be:
 “I care but this does not really affect me!”
“Oh my children are well behaved!”
“My children are grown ups!”

Perhaps. But these troubled children are your next door neighbor, the drunk driver on the other lane, your child’s friends, peers, or class mate, the one who mows your grass, the clerk at the check out counter, the one who may mob you when you take the dog out for a walk, the abused altar boy in your morning mass, a member of your church choir or your adult child's  co-worker. They are everywhere and will encroach on you one way or another. You cannot avoid them. Exhibiting indifference will not do any good. We must accept responsibility and pray for them.

It is time to blow the trumpet!
Blow the trumpet
Sound the alarm from the rooftops
Proclaim it in the home, on the streets, workplace,  churches, marketplace, every nook and corner
Join the crusade
Let’s cry out to God with one voice
Save our children,
Heal our children
Heal our families

What is your cause?
Join a global army of Christian parents who are nauseated at the devil exploiting our children. We are determined to fight back with spiritual arsenals and restore our families. Enlist to wage a holy war on substance abuse, gangs, teen violence, juvenile delinquency, moral laxity, peer pressure, teen suicide, bullying, teen pregnancy, abortion, sexual perversion, pornography, and all the other social ills that the devil is utilizing to exploit and bruise our children .
We are no longer going to sit back and whine about the situation. We are going to fight and take back our families with truth, prayer, holy anger, fasting, the Name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, love, commitment, forgiveness, the sword of the Spirit, and other spiritual arsenals. God wants to heal our children and families if only we are willing to work with Him.

Enough is enough!
We have been crippled, deceived, and exploited for too long
We must now begin to confront what has weakened us.
We need to expose who has exploited us.
It is time to rebuild the broken walls of the family.
But first of all, we need to repent and reach out to God to heal our brokenness and deformity.
This is what is going to happen when we accept personal responsibility and  reclaim our authority: our children will not only be drawn to God but will yearn to have their own encounter with God. Before you know it, their peers will be influenced and will desire to have their own experience. Revival will break out and God’s Spirit will be poured out and we and our sons and daughters shall prophecy, dream dreams, see and interpret visions to the glory of Almighty God
(Joel 2:28 ).


Why join "Purpose Driven Parents Movement?

Fellowship and network with Like-Minded Believers
Join other parents for a time of fun, fellowship, and relaxation.
Network with parents of the same interest and share your ideas. Connect with parents from various works of life and professions and obtain useful information to better your relationship with your children.

Give and/or Receive Impartation and Inspiration
We all are at different levels and seasons in our lives and relationships. Every parent is important, unique, and has a wealth of ideas and experiences that will inspire others. Share your wisdom and impart God's truth that has empowered and sustained your own family. Encourage others to allow God's transforming power to intervene in their own circumstances. Challenge them to begin to see their problems as opportunities, obstacles in their families as stepping-stones to their breakthroughs. Inspire others with hope and faith to live beyond life challenges. No one person can succeed at what God has called him or her to do without the help of others. We all need each other and are here for each other.

Share others' burdens or let others bare yours
One of the ways that the devil weakens and cripples parents is to isolate  and make them feel that they are all alone in their dilemma or that they are the only ones going through a predicament in the whole world. But the truth is they are not. There are hordes of other parents going through similar situation. If the devil can isolate us, he can brainwash us into sinking into depression and turn us against ourselves, instead of against him. The time and energy that should have been invested in the family will now be diverted to fending off depression and striving for survival.
You are not alone! You do not have to go through your struggles alone! There are other parents that care about you and your children and will give you all the support and encouragement that you need. We are like family and bare each other's burdens and genuinely care about each other. When one hurts, the others hurt. When one parent rejoices, the others rejoice as well. Sometimes, it feels so much better when others reassure us that they will be there for us when we are pressing through difficult seasons.

 Receive Counsel and Mentoring
Studies show that parents who submit to counseling, mentoring, or support groups are susceptible to improving their relationships with their children, spouses, and overcoming privation as well. The word of God admonishes us to get wise counsel from others who have gone through various trails and have been courageous enough to triumph over adversities. Godly counsel not only moves us from where we are to where God desires us to be, but it also shortens the distance to our goals.

Rejuvenate in a safe harbor
This a safe harbor for parents to be vulnerable with each other and be open through dialogue. We are a non-judgmental harbor where parents can retreat, relax, and rejuvenate and be themselves.

Obtain useful information and resources
Discover creative ideas, proven parental skills, and the fortitude to build a healthy and loving family that can outlast the various storms of life. There is no book in the whole wide world that is as resourceful, nurturing, and powerful as the Bible. Through parental skills seminars, prayer gatherings, workshops, and telephone conferencing, we feed on the Living Word of God to heal and strengthen our families. Also, we have a wide array of useful resources available.

 Enlist in an army of prayer warriors
One of our primary focus is prayer. Prayer is a paramount factor in our daily lives. We pray to a loving, caring and well-able God who answers prayers. "The fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much" We do not "dabble" into prayer or just pray for the sake of praying. We expect results when we pray because we believe in the power of prayer. We believe in targeting our weapons of prayers to pull down strongholds of the enemy, remove obstacles hindering our breakthroughs, and decree that the purposes of God for our lives prevail. We utilize the power of prayer to bring about God's wisdom, protection, guidance, and intervention in our lives, families, and children. We meet once a month but connect weekly through telephone-conferencing for the purpose of exhortation and prayer.

Grow in Body, Mind, and Spirit
Only God is perfect in character, nature, power, love, truth, morality, - in every way, shape, and form, and all that there is. We are not. Humans are always in the process of transformation and discovery. God does not have to change anything about Himself. We have to change and do whatever is necessary to conform to His nature. Every parent at their peak or valley is always at the verge of something greater than themselves. We stop growing only when we think we have arrived.  When we stop developing, we are susceptible to degenerating spiritually, mentally, or even physically. Therefore, wherever we are, whether on the highest mountain or in the lowest valley, we need to explore new horizons and other possibilities that are available to us. Each new discovery will move our lives and families to the next level.

Who should join?
Everyone is welcome to join. Parents of all ages, backgrounds, and denominations are welcome - married parents, single dads and moms, grandparents, step parents, foster parents, divorced parents, care givers, children’s advocates and all those who have a heart and love children, have a great sense of divine responsibility to children and a great burden to see the glory, power, and character of God manifested in them.


Counseling, support, prayers, and other resources..
You are already blessed for sowing your time, love, compassion, and other recourses into the lives of children. "It is more blessed to give than to receive.

 Please, call or email us for current dates, times, and venue of monthly meetings.