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"Heal Our Marriages" Movement 

"Heal our Marriages, Heal our Families"
The Movement



Dial - 1 (213) 417- 2120

Access code: 225017#

Tuesdays @ 9:00pm –10:00pm (ET)

You can listen to recorded marriage and relationship coaching as much as you want.

Playback #: 1-213-417-2104

Access code: 613918

Relationship Coaching and Prayer for marriages and families
Enhance emotional and sexual intimacy
Grow in love/Develop deep friendship/Build mutual trust
Resolve conflicts/Harmonize differences.Demolish emotional walls/Establish Healthy boundaries
Overcome temptations; addictions, love without fear

Use truth to inform, empower, inspire and build fruit-bearing marriages in order to build stronger families and communities, and advocate the will of God on earth.

Provide Information..... Fellowship..... Impartation..... Relationship..... Resources..... Mentoring..... Networking..... and Inspiration for couples and their families.


What is Your Cause?

Join a global army of Christian couples who are using their relationships to sharpen each other as well as glorify God. We are taking back our marriages and families by force. Enlist to wage a holy war on domestic violence, substance abuse, adultery, hatred, divorce, separation and all the other evils that the devil is using to break up families.

The devil has exploited our families with ignorance. Why? He knows that if he can keep us ignorant, he does not have to worry about truth liberating us. He has weakened the family with lies and deception because he understands that the only way to deform a society is to start from the grassroot. The family is the grassroot of the society. If you bruise the family, you bruise the society. Heal the family and watch healing sweep across our communities.The family makes up the society. The family is the root or foundation of the society. This is why it is so imperative that we must begin to make the necessary changes to heal and strengthen our families so it will to impart our communities as well.

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We can pout and complain all we want about the alarming rate of families who are torn apart by divorce but nothing will ever change until we do something about it. The sad part is as long as we tolerate all that the enemy is using against us, we are not only part of the problem, but we are aiding and abetting him as well. So we are no longer going to sit back and whine any more about the outrageously high rate of divorce and broken homes. We are going to fight and take back our families with truth, prayer, holy anger, fasting, the Name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, love, commitment, forgiveness, the sword of the Spirit, and other spiritual weapons. God wants to heal our marriages and families if only we are willing to work with Him.
We have been crippled, deceived, and exploited enough!
We must now begin to confront what has weakened us.
We need to expose who has exploited us.
It is time to rebuild the broken walls of the family.
But first of all, we need to repent and reach out to God to heal our brokenness and deformity. Certainly, we cannot save every marriage, but we can begin to make a difference in our own relationships so others can be drawn to the saving knowledge and power of God.
This is what is going to happen when we begin to apply truth to our own lives and take personal responsibility for how we think, speak and act in our relationships: our children will be empowered to follow in suit; friends, relatives, co-workers, and the next door neighbor will not only be drawn to God but they will yearn to have their own encounter with God. Before you know it, the work place, our communities, and the entire world will be influenced by our way of life and spiritual convictions. We do not have to be preachy to convince others about God. Our way of life or responses will do a much better job.

The Heal Our Marriages Movement is not perfect but is driven by our love for God to live a high standard of character, morality, righteousness, and truth. We are determined to use our lives, careers, relationships, and every thing we have to glorify our Lord. We are "Holy Spirit armed and dangerous". By the power of God, we shall never join the divorce statistics because we are willing to explore other options to resolve marital issues other than divorce. We understand that we cannot use our relationships to feed our flesh or personal agenda, but to glorify God. It is this zeal and love for the Lord that spurs us to treat our mates with love, respect, compassion, and dignity, just as we would want to be treated. It incites us to demonstrate the character of God regardless of how much our flesh or emotions insist on its way. It drives us to do what is right even when our responses do not fit into societal mode. Why are we refuting or denouncing all that will tear our families apart? It is simple! Love for the Lord and for family. The only proof that we love God is to obey Him and do that which is pleasing in His sight, not what gratifies our self-centeredness or pride.

Marriage is about pleasing God, not our self. It is not about what we want but what He wants. Loving our families connotes that as couples, we care enough about our children to put our differences aside, love each other unconditionally, give sacrificially, and do whatever is necessary to keep the family together. After all, this is the only place we have the privilege to utilize our marriages to honor each other and God. Remember, there are no marriages in heaven.(Mark 12: 24-25) Therefore, let's seize the moment, learn to honor one another, be fair and sensitive to each others' feelings, and truly make a difference in our own relationships so we can impact our world. But you see, only God will get the glory. Isn't this what we all want because we love Him?


Fellowship with Like-Minded Believers
Join other couples for a time of fun and relaxation. Enjoy a wide array of engaging activities with your mate and other couples such as biking, swimming, cruises, Bible studies, retreats, outdoor activities, relationship workshops, romantic dinners, exhilarating getaways, and much more.


Network with Couples of the same Interest
Connect with other couples and share your ideas. Network with couples from various works of life and professions and get useful information you can use.


Give and/or Receive Impartation and Inspiration
We all are at different levels and seasons in our lives and relationships. Every couple is important, unique, and has a wealth of ideas and experiences that will inspire others. Share your wisdom and impart God's truth that has empowered and sustained your own life and relationship. Encourage others to allow God's transforming power to
intervene in their own circumstances. Challenge them to begin to see their problems as opportunities, obstacles in their relationships as stepping-stones to their breakthroughs. Inspire others with hope, persistence, and faith to live beyond life challenges. No one person can succeed at what God has called him or her to do without the help of others. We all need each other
and are here for each other.

Share others' Burdens or let others Bare yours
One of the ways that the devil weakens and cripples a relationship is to isolate a couple and make them feel that they are all alone in their dilemma or that they are the only couple going through a particular trail or predicament in the whole world. But the truth is they are not. There are hordes of other couples going through similar situation. If the devil can isolate us, he can brainwash us into sinking into depression and turn us against each other, instead of against him. The time and energy that should have been invested in growing the relationship will now be diverted to fending off depression and striving for survival in the relationship. You are not alone! You do not have to go through your struggles alone! There are other couples that care about you and your marriage and will give you all the support and encouragement that you need. We are like family and bare each other's burdens and genuinely care about each other. When one hurts, the others hurt. When one couple rejoices, the others rejoice as well. Sometimes, it feels so much better when others reassure us that they will be there for us when we walk through the process of change, healing, and restoration.

Receive Counsel and Mentoring
Studies show that couples who submit to counseling, mentoring, or support groups are susceptible to improving their relationships and overcoming difficult times as well. The word of God admonishes us to get wise counsel from others who have gone through various trails and have been courageous enough to triumph over adversities. Godly counsel not only moves us from where we are to where God desires us to be, but it also shortens the distance to our goals.

Bask and Rejuvenate in a Safe Harbor
The Heal Our Marriages Movement is a safe harbor for couples to be vulnerable with each other and be open through dialogue. We are a non-judgmental harbor where couples can retreat, relax, and rejuvenate and be themselves.


Obtain Useful Information and Resources
Discover the skills to grow love, build healthy, and long lasting relationship that can outlast the various storms of life. Because love is a living organism, it must be nurtured to produce fruits. When love is not nourished and shared, it becomes stagnant and stale. There is no book in the whole wide world that is as resourceful, nurturing, and powerful as the Bible. At Christian Couples Coalition seminars, phone conferencing, workshops, romantic getaway, retreats, and other gatherings, we feed on the Living Word of God to get the tools needed to mature love, deepen friendship, inspire commitment, and enhance emotional and sexual intimacy. Also, we have a wide array of useful resources available.


Enlist in an Army of Prayer Warriors
One of our primary focus is prayer. Prayer is a paramount factor in our daily lives. We pray to a loving, caring and well-able God who answers prayers. "The fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much" We do not "dabble" into prayer or just pray for the sake of praying. We expect results when we pray because we believe in the power of prayer. We believe in targeting our weapons of prayers to pull down strongholds of the enemy, remove obstacles hindering our breakthroughs, and decree that the purposes of God in our lives prevail. We utilize the power of prayer to bring about God's wisdom, protection, guidance, and intervention in our lives, families, relationships, jobs, businesses, and in every aspect of our undertakings.We connect weekly through tele-conferencing for the purpose of exhortation and prayer.


Grow in Body, Mind, and Spirit
Only God is perfect in character, nature, power, love, truth, morality, - in every way, shape, and form, and all that there is. We are not. Humans are always in the process of transformation and discovery. God does not have to change anything about Himself. We have to change and do whatever is necessary to conform to His nature. Every couple at their peak or valley is always at the verge of something greater than themselves. We stop growing only when we think we have arrived. Marriages fall apart when each person in the relationship thinks he or she has no room for growth, tolerance, or improvement. When we stop developing, we are susceptible to degenerating spiritually, mentally, or even physically. Therefore, wherever we are, whether on the highest mountain or in the lowest valley in our lives or relationships, we need to explore new horizons and other possibilities that are available to us. Each new discovery will move our lives and relationships to the next level.


Couples of all ages, backgrounds, and denominations are welcome. Active involvement in one-way or another is encouraged.


Everyone is welcome to join.
Married couples, Singles, and divorced individuals who have a heart and love for children, marriages, and families.
Have a burden to see the power, character, and the glory of God revealed in marriages, families, and the body of Christ.

Counseling, support, prayers, and other resources.

Free quarterly newsletter.

You are already blessed for sowing your time, love, compassion, and other resourses into the lives of other couples. "It is more blessed to give than to receive"

Couples' Romantic Getaway



Tele-Conferencing for the purpose of prayer and exhortation


Bible Studies



Other fun activities that strenghten relationships.

Call or email us with your suggestions

Communication tips

Conflict Resolution

The power of forgiveness


Building mutual trust

Developing friendship

Emotional and sexual intimacy

Growing love

Commitment and much more.

Share your ideas and bless others.

Please call or email for upcoming meetings.


Pray for all singles, divorced, and married couples and their families around the world.

Encourage those going through crises in their relationships.

Exhibit the mind and love of Christ in your own relationship. Use your own relationship to glorify God

Husbands: "Love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her."

Wives: "Submit to your own husbands as the church is submitted to Christ."

Husbands and Wives:

"Forebear with one another."

"By love serve one another."

"Esteem the other as better."

"Overcome evil with good."

"Be of one mind."

"Forgive one anothers."

As we obey God, His power, glory, and character will be manifested in us and through our relationships.