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Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage Conferences and Workshops 

 How did the marriage conferences begin?
The marriage conferences and workshops are a division of the Holy Spirit Marriage Institute. The Lord has given me a great burden for marriages and families.When the Lord gives you a burden for some one or for something, He gives you a deeper understanding about that person or situation. He allows you into His heart - so you can feel the palpitation of His heart beat regarding it. You begin to feel, sense, taste, and smell it every where you turn. And you know too well that you cannot rest until you do something about it. This was how the Holy Spirit Marriage Institute was born. It was born out of a burden to strengthen and restore broken families and relationships.

What is the mission of the Marriage School of the Spirit?
Nurture and mature the whole person – body, mind, and spirit;
Equip singles and engaged couples with the necessary knowledge and skills to build healthy, loving, and long lasting relationships.


What is the difference between the "Garden of Eden" Marriage Experience and "A Covenant Marriage Experience"?
There is no much difference between The "Garden of Eden" Marriage Experience and "A Covenant Marriage Experience". Both marriage conferences cover the same relationship topics. However, The "Garden of Eden" Experience is a romantic getaway for only couples via a retreat center or some other relaxation center... away from home. "A Covenant Marriage Experience" is a relationship conference for couples and singles conducted in churches, organizations, or other ministry events within a community. In other words, the former is a romantic getaway from home and the later is a relationship conference within a couple's community. Both are fun, engaging and bring healing to those who are willing to walk through the process of  change and restoration.


What is the difference between "Love Without Fear", The "Purpose-Driven" Marriage, A Covenant Marriage Experience, and The "Forbidden Fruit" conferences and workshops?
"Love Without Fear", The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage, and The 'Forbidden Fruit" are different marriage themes that are focused on different aspect of growing and nurturing a marriage relationship.

"Love Without Fear"
exposes the root of fear, open doors to fear, and how these fears become stumbling blocks in building healthy relationships, how to confront and overcome these fears, healthy ways to share and receive love and much more.

The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage focuses on God's purpose of marriage and how to weave them into a relationship. This conference also defines marital roles for couples, and encourages them to establish marital boundaries, and much more.

The "Forbidden Fruit" focuses on adultery prevention, recovery, and restoration.

"A Covenant Marriage Experience" unveils a step by step process of  how to build a covenant marriage - from conception to maturing the union to  on-going maintenance of the relationship. This exhilarating marriage adventure teaches singles, engaged, and married couples how to establish a marriage relationship on the solid foundation of Christ, build on the fabric of love, and erect the pillar of friendship to solidify the relationship. In addition, attendees acquire the  knowledge and skills needed to add the building blocks of communication, forgiveness, commitment, sexual intimacy, and all the other necessary ingredients that nourish and strengthen a relationship. 


Is the "Garden of Eden" Marriage Experience designed only for married couples?
Yes. The "Garden of Eden" Marriage Experience is a romantic getaway for couples.


Do I need to attend the "Garden of Eden" Marriage Experience with my spouse?
Yes. You will get the uttermost benefit if you come with your spouse. There are lots of engaging, fun activities and exercises that will involve both you and your mate, designed to build friendship, develop mutual trust, and grow love.


Are the "A Covenant Marriage Experience, "Love Without Fear", The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage, and The 'Forbidden Fruit" conferences designed only for married couples?
No. But if you are married, we recommend that you attend with your mate to get the maximum benefits. There are engaging fun activities and exercises designed to build friendship, develop mutual trust, and grow love that will require you and your mate to participate in.


What can singles and divorcees gain in either " A Covenant Marriage Experience", "Love Without Fear", The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage, and The 'Forbidden Fruit" conferences and workshops?The wealth of information  in these marriage encounters and their applicability are a great resource to the married, single, or divorced person. Regardless of your marital status, you will discover practical tools needed to build a  healthy and loving relationship. The program inspires the individual to enlarge his or her capacity as well as rise to his or her potential. We welcome singles, divorced, engaged, and married couples who desire building fruitful relationship and those who desire to go to new heights in their  personal lives and/or relationships.
There are activities and exercises designed for every attendee regardless of their marital status during our workshops.


I am engaged. Do I have to attend either "A Covenant Marriage Experience", "Love Without Fear", The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage, or The 'Forbidden Fruit" conference and workshop with my fiancé?
No. However, we recommend that engaged couples attend  together in order to get the uttermost benefit. "A Covenant Marriage Experience" is an excellent program for engaged couples because this gives them the opportunity to communicate deep feelings, share ideas, concerns, hopes, dreams, and resolve differences through honest dialogue.


How will the workshop aspect of each of these conferences help me?
This is the practical aspect of the program designed to:
Encourage individual participation in group/ partner discussion;
Facilitate self-Examination; Reflection; confrontation; Identify where, why, and how deep-rooted unhealed issues manifest and how to reach for healing and deliverance. 

Will there be prayer and/or ministry during or after each conference?
Yes. There will be prayer and/or ministry for anyone who desires it. 


I have a broken marriage. How will any of these conferences help me?

This program will give you the tools to  Rebuild and strengthen your relationship;


I am not sure if I want divorce. How will either of these conferences benefit me?
This program will give you the tools to grow love, cultivate deep friendship, develop mutual trust,  love without fear and explore other options other than divorce.


I am single and still looking for a mate. How will either of these conferences help me? 
Expose what the enemy uses to exploit relationships, and how to guard against his methods;
Help you to discover better options other than divorce;
This program explores healthy ways to build loving and fruitful relationship.



 I am divorced. How will any of these conferences enhance my life?
The curriculum explores:
How to use positive and negative experiences to become better, not bitter in relationships;
Healthy ways to love and trust again;
How to establish boundaries.


I have an unsaved spouse/fiancee. How will either of these conferences benefit me?
This program will address:
Healthy but non-verbal ways to minister to an unsaved spouse;
Dealing with the fraustrations of loving a spouse you are unequally yoked with;
How to pray an unsaved mate into the kingdom.


I wrestle with loving and accepting myself. How will this Marriage School of the Spirit improve how I feel about myself?

This program will:
Expose what induces inferiority complex and feelings of worthlessness;
Aid you to unveil your identity and worth in Christ;
Inspire you to confront the deepest part of yourself and unconditionally love and accept yourself as God does.


I have lots of unmet emotional needs. How will any of these conferences benefit me?

You will discover how to:
Prioritize your needs;
Be purpose-driven instead of need driven;
Manage your pschosocial needs.


I am hurting. How will I benefit from any of these conferences?
This conferences uncover how:
Past and present unresolved issues induce emotional pain, chaos, restlessness, and internal warfare;
The need to  walk  away  from  emotional  pain and reach for healing and deliverance.  


I am a victim of abuse. How will the Marriage School of the Spirit help me?
This program will help you to:
Evaluate how you are loving yourself and/or your abuser;
Identify what is unhealed in you that authorizes others to abuse you;
Discover how abuser exploit a victim, why a victim succumbs to abuse, and healthy ways to protect yourself. 


Will the School of the Spirit protect my privacy?
Yes. We maintain high confidentiality. We are a Marriage school of the Spirit, not a marriage school of gossip or judgment. Therefore we provide a safe and a non-judgmental environment and highly respect peoples' rights and privacy.


Are the conferences biblically based?
Yes. This is a biblical based marriage institute. We will not even dare attempt to do other wise. The purpose of this school and conferences is to use God's Truth to strengthen and restore families and relationships.


Will I be graded in this program?
No. You will evaluate yourself. This is between you and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only convicts us with truth, not judge us with condemnation. He will show you what you need to confront, when you have resolved it, and when to move to the next issue, or move you to the next level.


Is there a fee for any of these conferences?

It depends on several factors. When event planners, churches, or organizations host a conference, they decide if they will charge a fee or do it as a free will offering. When we host or organize a conference, we indicate in our website or flyer if there will be a fee or if we will do it as a free will offering - depending on how the Lord leads.

What is the duration of each of these conferences?
It depends on several factors.The "Garden of Eden" Experience, "A Covenant Marriage Experience, "Love Without Fear", The "Purpose -Driven" Marriage, and The 'Forbidden Fruit" conferences and workshops consists of a wide array of relationship themes. Each theme is divided into segments or topics. So it can go from two to twenty hours or more depending on the needs of each audience, event planner, organization, or how many relationship themes are addressed. However, each conference can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of audiences.