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Singles Institute

Do You have Issues or Questions like:

How do I discern the right or committed partner to spend my life with?

What kind of deadly mistakes do people make that breaks up relationships and how do I avoid them?

How do I know that what my partner and I feel for each other is true love, not lust?

How should I respond when someone I really love does not love me or exhibit unconditional love?

How should I identify, confront, or deal with abuse in a relationship? 

Why is loving the other person causing me so much pain and heart ache?

What kind of people should I avoid dating?

What are the spiritual laws of building a healthy relationship?

Is my partner ever going to change and if so when?

How do I discern if I am in a fruitful or barren relationship?

Why do I feel that I have to demand or beg for love?

What are the dating dos and don’ts I need to know?

What relationship roles do I adopt?

How do I overcome the fear of making commitment?

How do I know when to propose?

How do I move my relationship to the next level?

How do we build mutual trust?

How do we develop lasting friendship?

How do we establish healthy boundaries?

How do we resolve conflicts?

How do we harmonize our differences?

When and how should I end a relationship?

The singles conference will answer these and other relevant issues about relationships.

Singles Conference Description

Dating can be very challenging as a result of individual differences, human fallibility, and depravity. But there are ways to move beyond these dating  challenges if only we are willing to apply  healthy ways to give and receive love, discover  how to be compatible regardless of our differences, and learn to love and accept others just as God loves and accepts us unconditionally. One reason relationships fall apart is because of the undue burdens partners place on each other. These include the pressure to meet the outrageously high expectations of each other, the obligation to meet each others' needs,  the responsibility to conform to each others' sense of reality, the burden to fit the relationship into societal mode, and a host of other superfluous demands we place on ourselves. These pressures not only heighten the fear of rejection, betrayal, and vulnerability, but they also causes us to walk on eggshells in the relationship.  Often, when partners feel that they are constrained and trapped in a  relationship, the bubble usually explodes  as a break up!

Dating can be very rewarding too if we understand and apply the biblical principles of dating, define and function in relational roles, and utilize the word to God to establish a standard for the relationship. God's word is Truth. Only when the truths in God's word are  applied to guide, correct, inspire, and steer the relationship in the right direction can two distinct  human beings truly be compatible, compliment their differences, and share love sacrificially.

Whether you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship, in the middle of making the commitment of a lifetime, in the middle of a break-up, or are about to enter a new relationship, this program will  impact your life. Get workable tools and resources  to build a loving, fruitful, and long-lasting relationship. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to grow a relationship. 


This Conference will furnish you with the tools to:

Identify and eliminate false expectations, illusions, misconceptions, and other break-up signals;

Discover healthy ways to give and  receive love;

Confront and deal with various dating challenges;

Discern how you are loving yourself and the other person;

Avoid and confront Abuse;

Do a reality check of where you are, where you want to go from here, and establish goals to help you get there;

Develop mutual trust;

Build deep friendship;

Establish healthy boundaries;


Conference Focus

The Psychology of Dating

Look Before you Leap

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Building  Healthy Relationships

Dating Etiquette

Sealing the Deal -  Unique Ways to Propose and Close the Deal

Passing the Test - Graduating from dating to Marriage

Seven Deadly Personalities to Avoid

Relationships Rats - Break-up Triggers

Am I really in Love? True Love or Lust

Identifying the Right Mate of a Lifetime

Endorsing the Deal- Commitment

Confronting Myself

Hidden Heart Issues

Are you in a Covenant Relationship or a  Contract Relationship?

Overcoming Fear to love

Talk with Me, not at Me

The Power of Forgiveness

Building Lasting Friendship

A New Way to Love - Love without Fear.


Who Should Attend?

  • Single Adults
  • Engaged couples
  • Youth and teens of dating age
  • Parents or guardians of youth and teens who are of dating age