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Who am I? 
Jesus affirmed, "I am the living bread which came down from heaven."
John the Baptist declared, "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness......and make the Lord's path straight" 
Do you know who you are?
In whom do you place your identity and significance?
Ignorance of identity hampers a person's self-worth. Recognizing who we are gives us a sense of belonging and fortifies our self-worth. God critically made the "I" in each of us. "Who we are" consist of our inner or spirit man,  identity and significance in Christ, His image and likeness embedded in our being. He crafted "who we are" before the foundation of the world. Therefore, "who we are" cannot be influenced by external factors. God defines "who we are", our identity, significance, and purpose of being, not status, race, creed, or people.


What am I?
What we are" represents what we do. It consists of our humanity, fallibility, mindset, responses, choices, reflections, words, actions, career, or jobs. We decide what we are because all these elements are not only subject to change with time, but they fluctuate like the weather depending on our moods or circumstances. We decide "what we are" and what we want to become.    


Why am I? 
Even a fish was created to glow in its aquatic abode. A bird was made to luxuriate in the air. A plant was ordained to bloom in the soil. But do you know why you were born? "Why we are" refers to our reason for being. Often, many people are unfulfilled, frustrated, restless, depressed, suicidal, or have no passion for life because they have no clear sense of purpose.
Discover your true purpose and you will have the zest for life! You are not on earth by accident regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth. You were born to be a solution. You were born to solve problems. You are here on an Assignment.
As it was earlier reiterated, while God determines who and why we are, we decide what we are and what we want to become. This program is designed to help you recognize and embrace your identity, unveil your significance, and your purpose of being.




Do you worry about not fitting in?
Are you afraid of being left out?
Do you worry about being made fun of or bullied?
Do you feel different from everyone else and feel bad about it?
Are you tired of being a follower?
Do you want to be a leader?

This program explores the causes and effects of bullying and peer pressure, how to avoid them, how to confront, and overcome them. Fear of not fitting in or being left out is the underlining reason people engage in various kinds of unacceptable behavior. The need to be socially accepted by peers spurs them to abandon their own personal convictions. Because they desperately want to fit in or belong, they willingly bend backward to fit into their peer mode.
We adopt others' way of life or ideology because we have not embraced our own identity or have our own strong convictions. In the absence of personal convictions, others are authorized to define who we are, loan us their identities, determine our significance, authenticate our boundaries, and characterize our purpose of being. A life without personal convictions is like an open book that anyone can write on. A life without spiritual convictions is a life without a conscience. Take away the conscience and we will have no boundaries, no standard, no paradigm by which to measure ourselves. When we lose sight of our conscience, we sacrifice ourselves upon the altar of compromise. Our life becomes like an open book that others are licensed to write their own desire on.

The questions we must ask ourselves are:
What do we really believe as unique individuals?
How important are our convictions? 
Do we really practice what we believe?
If not, who or what is holding us back?
Is it worth it to rob our self the joy of living by our convictions to pay for others' lack of tolerance? 
Our convictions are worth the efforts if they are based on truth. Regardless of peer pressure, we must be willing to defend and live by them. These convictions craft our character, conforms us to truth, gives us passion for life, develops our intensity, and compels us to do what is right regardless of whether our choices are popular or not. 

This program will aid you to discover:
What motivates and feeds bullies and peer pressures;
Why they act the way they do;
How to identify what is in you that evokes bulling and peer pressure;
How to develop your own convictions, embrace your identity, worth, and purpose of being;
How to confront and stop bullying or peer pressure;
How to protect yourself from  bullies or those who pressure you;
How to get the help you need.

Please note: Parents are required to attend the last class with their child.





Parents are you frustrated with your teen's behavior or lack of self accountability?
Do you sound like a broken record to your child?
Have you exhausted all your options and resources trying to convince your teen to be responsible or make the right choices?
Are you on the verge of giving up or have you already given up on your teen?


There is hope! There is help available!
If what you have been doing is not working, it is time to try a different approach. However, you cannot give up on your child or the devil or the Government will take over! Then your child whom you have so many great dreams for will become another victim or join societal statistics. There are several resources available to turn your child's life around if only you are willing to utilize them. Also, your teen can be transformed into an admirable leader that will impart his or her generation through the power of the Holy Spirit. But you have to be willing to explore this option and plug into that power. There are several biblical resources available that will help reinforce your values and turn your child's life around.
The addiction and recovery  program exposes the causes, pitfalls, and dangers of smoking, sexual promiscuity, using illegal drugs, alcohol and other personal and social ills. These hands-on, power-packed presentations provide workable tools to avoid or overcome these self-defeating habits. Participants will be able to recognize and overcome the temptations and ills of smoking, sexual promiscuity, drug and alcohol addiction. The program teaches self-responsibility, accountability, making right choices, developing Christ-like character, prioritizing, goal setting, effective communication, repentance, leadership, social skills, compassion, embracing change, establishing healthy boundaries, healing, restoration, and much more.

Life-impacting DVDs, field trips, and other useful resources will be utilized as teaching aids to reinforce the adverse effects of these self-defeating behaviors. DVDs exposing the adverse effects of sexually transmitted diseases, smoking, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol, consequences of sexual promiscuity, and other life-transforming media will strongly reinforce the message that parents have been echoing to their teen for years. Several life-impacting situations are used to drive the message home.


Who should attend?
Children of middle school age - From 10 years to 14 years.
High school students
Parents or guardians of middle and high school age groups

Parents are required to attend the last class with their child.


Due to 

Guilt.....   Loss.....    Loneliness.....    Disappointment.....    Rejection.....   Peer- Pressure.....    Grief.....    Failure.....    Hopelessness.....    No Sense of Purpose.....    Low Self-esteem.....    Shame.....    Emotional Trauma/Pain.....   Helplessness.....    Lack of Passion or Drive for Life.....   and much more 

Have you ever experienced a lingering sad feeling?

Ever felt like the weight  of the whole world is on your shoulders and crushing you down?

Do you have a persistent struggle with feelings of rejection, loneliness, emptiness, or hopelessness?

These are some of the warning signs of depression.  

This is what depression says: 
“I am miserable, powerless, hopeless, I am alone in this mess. Its lonely out here and no one even cares enough to understand. I don’t care either. Possibly, my mouth really stinks. But I don’t want to brush my teeth, take a shower or put on some decent clothes. Life is a drag. Life is not fair. Worse, I don’t feel like talking about it because you won’t understand. You’d judge me. So please, don’t trespass my territory. Don’t invade my emotions. Don’t make me feel accountable. Don’t try to rescue me. I…want…to…stay…here…and…die!”

If you have ever wished you were dead because of circumstances surrounding your life;
If you have ever  felt so alone, hopeless, and helpless because the whole world is caving in on you? There is hope and help in the Lord. The prophet, Jeremiah encountered the same experiences. He wrote:

Cursed be the day in which I was born! 
Let the day not be blessed  in which my mother bore me!
Let the man be cursed
who brought news to my father, saying, “A male child has been born to you!”
Making him very glad.
And let that man be like the
cities, which the LORD overthrew, and did not relent;
Let him hear
the cry in the mornin
And the shouting at noon
Because he did not kill me from the womb,
That my mother might have been my grave,
And her womb always enlarged with me
Why did I come forth from the
womb to see labor and sorrow
That my days should be consumed with shame.
(Jeremiah 20:14-18)

 I’m talking about depression. Depression is an emotional suicide. Gloom is like a cankerworm that slowly eats away the human spirit. It seeps away one’s energy and the desire to live.

 This program is not a secular or clinical approach to treating depression. A medical approach may involve some form of therapy or taking some antidepressants which comes with so many side effects. Medications are designed to help people manage depression, not cure it. But this program focuses on the biblical way to deal with depression. It not only reveals the truth about depression but also provides the antidote, prevention, and the permanent cure from a biblical point of view. It is so imperative not to rely on medicines alone to cure depression.  This spiritual approach furnishes you with workable tools to deal with it, how to avoid becoming a victim, healthy ways  to confront and overcome it. The spiritual approach to conquering depression unleashes truth  in the word of God needed to bring about permanent change and healing.


Program Focus

·         A Step-by Step Guide to overcoming depression

·        Confronting my Self--- Unmasking my escape and coping Mechanisms

·         Resolving issues of rejection, emotional pain, anger, disappointment, the sense of loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness

·          Exposing the suicidal Lies and Exploitations—Is suicide or death really the answer?         

·         Create healthy Boundaries

·         Tools and resources to conquer depression        

·         Useful information

and workable tools for caregivers working with people who are struggling with depression  


Who should attend?         

·         If you have attempted suicide or are contemplating suicide

·         If you are wrestling with persistent anxiety, fear, loneliness, rejection, guilt, anger, grief, loss, and other factors that lead to depression

·         If you persistently wish you were dead – even if  you have not attempted suicide

Please note: Parents are requied to atend the last class with their child.

I understand what it entails to emotionally hit bottom and the only thing that makes sense is to rely on God’s mercy. I recognize how it feels like to be lonely and empty on the inside. I have cried out to God: “Mercy, Lord, please, have mercy on me.”

Several times, my life has come to a standstill and “Time” would seem to drag! Each minute seems like eternity. All the same, during these cataclysmic times, the Holy Spirit has proved to be the greatest friend and comforter I have ever known. Often, amidst crisis, His still small, voice is always clear and distinct, soothing, encouraging, chastising, and occasionally grieving for you and with me. He grieves for me when I am ignorant and mulish. He grieves with me because He understands and feels my sensitivities. My debility has never overwhelmed Him. When overwhelmed with life,  I still sense His sweet presence. Its so heartening to know that He understands every bit of our emotions and is touched by the feelings of our infirmities, (Heb. 4:15) He is a sensitive and caring Person of the Trinity.

Despite His reassuring presence, there is a great danger if we pay deaf ears to His instructions for freedom. He will not yank us out of the depression “darkness” like a piece of stake! First, He’ll require we activate our faith to birth His deliverance! Yes, He’ll demand our obedience and our response will determine our duration in that “darkness”.
Understandably, crisis may hold us captive…
Life may devastate us…
Our relationships may look and feel like beds of thorns…
Our challenges may have multiples of problems…
Conceivably, people we trusted may have pierced a sharp knife in our hearts and we may be bleeding profusely. Yes, we may have been bruised by bondage. Nonetheless, we must never play smart or stubborn in His presence. We must be teachable or our obstinacy will empower Satan to enlarge the darkness.
Satan will hatch up a thousand and one reasons why we should remain “there”.
Oh! When you are “there”, it hurts terribly…
It’s melancholy in its fullest capacity…
The epitome of sadness…
Only the presence of the Holy Spirit illuminates your surroundings.
Life becomes meaningless…purposeless…
The sun appears dark and gloomy…
The beauty of nature we once enjoyed appears invisible.
Even the thin air you cherished suddenly becomes still and…stale…
Things that excited us cease.
Sounds of laughter turn to one of sorrow.
“Why was I ever born?” we wonder.
Why is life picking on me? We wonder dishearted.
Our internal and external visage becomes marred with grief.
Usually, depression begins with only a few minutes, then hours and if we tolerate it, it drags into months or even years!
“There”,  we forget our past blessings and wallow in self-pity and defeat…
Terror grips hold of us…
Emotions run out of control…
We feel and breathe pain…
Stress…Confusion…Anger…tries to consume us.
Anxiety grips us as we attempt to  plead for Spiritual oxygen…
Paralysis and despondency blast through every fiber of our being and slowly, our strength begins to deteriorate.
Gradually, the desire to “live” begins to melt away like ice under a hot Florida summer sun.
We become paranoid…
Mentally, we are alert…but lethargic on the inside,
Vivacious externally but numb internally.
We walk around like a zombie, alive but merely existing!
When we look, we really can’t see;
Listen, but can’t actually hear;
Touch but can’t feel…
We just sit there and stare into empty space, dazed, wondering how we landed “there” in the first place.
If we do not make a conscious decision to walk out of “there” fast, we become your own worst nightmare. Tarring “there” is like burning a candle at both ends. We become trapped in our own little world.
What next?
“There” we begin to mislabel our person, and blame our self for our predicament. Our mind becomes jumbled with mixed emotions. One part of us really wants to fight for our life. But the other doesn’t. In fact, we really don’t care! We’ve become too numb with grief and pain.
Meanwhile, in hell, the devil and his demons are jubilating because they got us trapped. Notwithstanding, the Holy Spirit is “there” with us trying to shake you out of your mental slumber. We may not even acknowledge His presence. Why? We are too mad at our self and at God to even care. Because we do not trust Him enough to lead or rescue us, we shove Him aside. As a matter of fact, we do not trust anyone. We already have this mid set that everyone is out to get or hurt us. So mentally, we vow never to trust anyone again, including the only one capable of liberating us— the Holy Spirit. Because of our lack of trust, we build an emotional barricade around us and dare anyone to cross over our line to reach us.
I’m talking about depression.
Please, Get Help!
Go through the statistics described below. These statistics portray the heart-rending challenges hordes of people face across the nation. A global statistics would be mind-boggling. These statistics have human faces, names, families, and broken dreams. Each represents a friend, spouse, parent, sibling, or neighbors.
If you or your loved one is suffering from depression or suicidal tendencies, please, do something about it before it is too late. Let us label depression and suicidal tendencies with their proper names. We can’t sugarcoat them or defend fear, lingering sadness, loss, and other unresolved issues that can lead to depression. It is imperative that we confront and resolve these issues so we cannot only be restored but also be able to develop the intensity and passion to pursue our dreams. Get the help you need. Empower yourself with Truth so you can rise to your potential. You were created with Purpose cemented in your being. You are here on Assignment. Challenge yourself to move beyond unfavorable circumstances that may be surrounding you. Envisage every obstacle as a stepping-stone to achieving your goals. Dare to hope and dream again!

Depression Facts and Statistics
By: Bob Murray, PhD and Alicia Fortinberry, MS
Depression is one of the greatest problems and killers of our time. Here we list the latest depression statistics, reveal surprising facts about underlying depression causes, the failure of standard treatments, and what works for depression in the long-term.

Depression Statistics

  • Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults or about 9.5% of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. This includes major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, and bipolar disorder.
  • Everyone, will at some time in their life be affected by depression -- their own or someone else's, according to Australian Government statistics. (Depression statistics in Australia are comparable to those of the US and UK.)
  • 15% of the population of most developed countries suffers severe depression.
  • 30% of women are depressed. Men's figures were previously thought to be half that of women, but new estimates are higher.
  • 54% of people believe depression is a personal weakness.
  • 41% of depressed women are too embarrassed to seek help.
  • 80% of depressed people are not currently having any treatment.
  • 92% of depressed African-American males do not seek treatment.
  • 15% of depressed people will commit suicide.

Depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2020 -- and studies show depression is a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease.  CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT DEPRESSION STATISTICS

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